Address autocompletion


Embed an address search next to your delivery form or map search window. Instead of a slow and error-prone multi-field address entry process the user will find and enter exact and complete address in single seconds while searching an up to date database of over 8.6 m address points in Poland. A mutual benefit! Appart from address data the API returns geo-coordinates and multiple micro-statistical identifiers.

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Standardised address data
API's used in this demo:
  • Address autocompletionAddress autocompletion
  • Address point statisticsAddress point statistics


Add an interactive POI maps to your website or application. Build new features using pre-defined potential layers showing population density, traffic estimates or population affluence and show your users new hints for accurate decision making.

For website administratorsFor website administrators
For analysts and data scientistsFor analysts and data scientists
For e-commerce owners and developersFor e-commerce owners and developers

Nearest POI (stores, service points)

Use a ready made set of over 500K POI points in Poland. Dynamically pull lists of chain stores, banks, ATM's, parcel droppoints, bus stops, public offices, pharmacies, schools and many other to name a few from the list of more than 100 categories. Don't loose time and effort to maintain it on your side!

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Nearest address-points

LocIt database consists of 8.6M precisely geocoded address-points in Poland, enhanced with over 200 features ranging from constructions year to the number of inhabitants. Using our API you can access this dataset in order to display information on a map, build better analytical model or target ads real-time based on location intelligence.

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