Address autocompletion


Embed an address search next to your delivery form or map search window. Instead of a slow and error-prone multi-field address entry process the user will find and enter exact and complete address in single seconds while searching an up to date database of over 8.6 m address points in Poland. A mutual benefit! Appart from address data the API returns geo-coordinates and multiple micro-statistical identifiers.

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Full response
Standardised address data
API's used in this demo:
  • Address autocompletionAddress autocompletion
  • Address point statisticsAddress point statistics

Spatial calculations

Routes, drivertimes, isochrones and location statistics: help users get from point A to B, check the boundaries of a drivetime zone or make sure if a courier will make it during rush hour without implementing complex algorithms.

For BI and CRM expertsFor BI and CRM experts
For analysts and data scientistsFor analysts and data scientists
For e-commerce owners and developersFor e-commerce owners and developers

Drivetimes zones / Isolines

Calculate drivetime zone boundaries for a store, shopping center or warehouse using accurate maps and traffic data.