SaaS or on Premise

You can use's SaaS (Software as a Service) services outright using our scalable cloud. You then don't worry about administration, upgrades or hardware.

However, if you have your own data centre, need an isolated architecture or want to process data without limits, you can install the LocIt API server in-house (on-premise).



In both cases, you are guaranteed that your data is secure and processed in accordance with GDPR. We make sure of this in the simplest possible way - we do not permanently save any information you send to us.


Efficient environment available immediately

For large transaction volumes up to 10x cheaper than global providers

Environment compliant with GDPR regulations (no data storage)

Possibility to guarantee resources based on a private cloud

Monthly or annual billing

Infrastructure located in Poland and EU countries



Architecture based on microservices (Docker, Kubernetes)

Simple installation and monitoring

No communication with external network

No limits on number of transactions, number of instances, etc.

Simple upgrades during the life of the licence

Taking care of your client, and yourself

Cut time spent entering delivery address data

Improve UX in web and mobile applications

Improve „last mile” delivery speed

Reduce the number of late and errant deliveries

Reduce the number of abandoned baskets

Improve data quality in your systems

Better identify returning customers

Enrich the customer profile in real time, e.g. during the transaction process