Address autocompletion


Embed an address search next to your delivery form or map search window. Instead of a slow and error-prone multi-field address entry process the user will find and enter exact and complete address in single seconds while searching an up to date database of over 8.6 m address points in Poland. A mutual benefit! Appart from address data the API returns geo-coordinates and multiple micro-statistical identifiers.

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Standardised address data
API's used in this demo:
  • Address autocompletionAddress autocompletion
  • Address point statisticsAddress point statistics

Statistical data

Access remotely the biggest and most precise resource of data about micro-market potential and your customers' neighbourhood profile. Without collecting personal data, you can understand the user's profile and match the ad or make a process more effective. If you are expanding the sales network, within one second you will get information about the environment of an existing or planned sales outlet

For analysts and data scientistsFor analysts and data scientists
For BI and CRM expertsFor BI and CRM experts
For e-commerce owners and developersFor e-commerce owners and developers

Catchment zone statistics

Over 130 automatically generated statistics about any catchment/drivetime zone will allow you to check the potential of locations in any part of Poland. Population, number of households, salaries, age structure, competition are just few examples.


Address point statistics

Download data about a single address point and enrich customer data, improving the effectiveness of ads, models or segmentations.